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FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 8:00am PDT
questions about iran this morning. concerns that rogue nation may be using air routes over iraq to get arms to syria's dictator who is slaughtering his own people. am bass done john bolton on what's at stake here. >>> plus a dramatic crash landing after a plane loses one of its tires just after takeoff. we'll show you how this one ends. >> the national convention of the democratic party will now come to order!. >> who is mitt romney? the american people know barack obama. >> barack obama will never ignore our troops. he will fight for them. >> when detroit was in trouble, president obama saved the auto industry and saved a million jobs. >> for us democrats, obamacare is a badge of honor. >> that was the change we believed in. that was the change we fought for. that was the change president obama delivered. >> that is why he is my choice on november 6th. >> that is what change looks like. >> here is what we're going to say to mitt romney in november. we're going to say know!. >> being president doesn't change who you are. no, it reveals who you are. >> we need proven leadership. proven judgm
FOX News
Sep 13, 2012 8:00am PDT
in the navy where he served in iraq and afghanistan. glen doherty was 42 years old. jenna: u.s. beefing up military presence off the libyan coast, ordering two destroyers into the region. the uss mcfall is set to arrive within days. both ships are armed with tomahawk cruise missiles that can be fired at targets on land. the navy is calling this a precautionary step. the ships are not operating under a specific mission but we're keeping an eye on that. we're learning more about the groups that may or may not have been behind those attacks across the middle east. in libya fox news confirming that u.s. intelligence is focusing on a handful of organizations including the libyan islamic fighting group. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington. maybe an unfamiliar group with some of us, catherine. what are we learning about the investigation into libya. >> reporter: thank you, jenna. fox news confirmed the fbi has a team on the ground in libya to identify suspects, gather evidence and assess whether a prosecution is possible. as fox news was first to report the targ
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 8:00am PDT
. in iraq, thousands flooding the streets in the southern city, some carrying banners praising iran's supreme leader and chanting death to america and death to israel. meanwhile new sabre-rattling out of iran over the film that mocks the prophet muhammad. iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad accusing the west quote of trying to cause religious conflicts and trying to hide behind freedom of speech. ahmadinejad making remarks at military parade in iran showcasing a new iranian made air defense system. as the u.s. flexes its muscle leading a military --. jon: going to california. the special 747 shuttling shuttle endeavour to its home in los angeles. it is on pretakeoff roll taxiing into position. the plane or planes are going to be flying over northern california, making sort of a historic tour flying past the golden gate bridge and san francisco skyline. supposed to take off five minutes from now. they have delayed this by an hour because of fog over san francisco, as so often happens in that city. they're hoping that the fog will be burned off by the time the shuttle endeavour gets
FOX News
Sep 17, 2012 8:00am PDT
the approach in iraq was very different for troops than the approach in afghanistan where you deal with the local elders. how do we convince them we don't share those sentments? that we don't categorize the muslim people in that way? >> well, jamie, i think we can say it and our government has been saying it. we can disavow these things but we also have to be true to our values. we believe in freedom of speech. we believe in freedom of religion. jamie i would caution against making this too much about oust. even though the spark for this may have been this video the actual grievances are much deeper and i think that in fact it is not just about us. look, the other parties have been targeted here too. religious minorities. the former regimes, liberal activists have been targeted over past many months in these places. it is a mistake to make this about us and these countries. it is not all about the united states here. jamie: can you or can you not change the minds of people involved in these protests in huge numbers? >> i think you can over time, frankly. the problem here again you
FOX News
Sep 12, 2012 8:00am PDT
my heart to see iraq fall apart. syria is a contagion affecting the entire middle east. this administration has no concept of the arab spring. they're disengaging on all fronts. the lack of leadership is about to lead to an explosion in the middle east and i hope people start focusing on foreign policy because it really does matter. jenna: you said the region is about to blow up . what do you mean about that specifically. >> about to explode. the american disengagement, lag of leadership, leading from behind is leading to uncertainty and doubt on all fronts. the sunnis, shias and the kurds that were working together well after the surge success have now gone back into their corners. we've got a sort of a hands-off policy towards iraq. there have been no progress in filling ministries and having hydrocarbon law. every group, the sunni, shia and kurds are very disappointed with americans disengagement. allowing assad to murder his own people and have a detached view how syria is after faectsing the -- affecting the entire region is embodiening iran. how will the iranians
FOX News
Sep 7, 2012 8:00am PDT
: hi, jon. one of the most challenging things for veterans returning from afghanistan and iraq is making big transition from a war-like mentality to say one of domestic tranquilty especially when it comes to finding a job. they come back from war with a special set of skills and when employers actually realize and value that, well the jobs can be found. five years ago in iraq he loaded f-16s with lethalfy power. >> anywhere from 500 pounders to sidewinder missiles. >> reporter: in 2007, a roadside bomb destroyed joshua's kneecap. >> i come back and what am i going to do? >> reporter: that's the ultimate question in a major challenge stressing most veterans. after months of looking, he landed a g-4-h s security solutions. he hooked up with ryder corporation managing drivers. >> it took me a while to get my foot in the door. in part showing up every day until i made sure i got the job. >> reporter: verizon, jpmorgan chase use job fairs to specifically recruit veterans. ryder hopes to hire 1,000 vets over the next year. g-ss, 6,000. >> they know how to follow orders. they will not
FOX News
Sep 19, 2012 8:00am PDT
on the front line, we have credible reports of jihaddists trickling in from iraq and countries such as great britain. there are a number of foreigners that we are seeing there. jenna: in your assessment is there an opportunity for the united states to get involved in who it be welcome? do you think it's needed? >> well, certainly syrians would accept help from anyone who offers it but a no-fly zone is not a guarantee of a rebel victory. it will help them turn the corner and dislodged regime forces from isolated bases, but the regime will hunk err down in key strongholds. jenna: jenna: you were raised in the state of michigan, you're an american, you've traveled all over the middle east, your fellow americans, our viewers have been watching this story unfold for 18 months. what do you think every american needs to know about what is really happening inside syria? >> the revolution has degenerated into a civil war where the regime is unleashing all its forces and weaponry on the civilians and it's hard for these people to wake up and go down the street and buy bread in the morning. one of the
FOX News
Sep 27, 2012 8:00am PDT
you make the claim al qaeda is finished, once we got bin laden, once we left iraq, once we won the libyan war, we are done, done deal. sound like al qaeda is not only finished but making a comeback. jenna, hear is the thing an attack on united states embassy overseas is considered like an attack on the united states homeland. when they can go into an american embassy and assassinate four american diplomats including the ambassador, that is the equivalent ever international law of coming to washington, d.c. and attacking the state department. an embassy ground are considered american terrortory. for example, if a pregnant woman walks into american embassy anywhere in the world and gives birth that child is an american citizen. we consider that an american territory. the fact we were attacked on september 11th, 11 years later is the same argument that people have been making all along, that al qaeda isn't dead. it has found a new home. it is taking advantage of the arab uprisings and found a whole new life in the middle east. jenna: so, kt, one of the things that the press secret
FOX News
Sep 11, 2012 8:00am PDT
afghanistan by 2014. u.s. and coalition forces also invaded iraq in 2003 when authorities believed there was an imminent threat of biological and chemical weapons use by the regime of saddam hussein. coalition deaths totaled just over 4800, 93% of those deaths were american. the congressional research service estimates the cost of operation iraqi freedom at over $800 billion. the leader of al-qaeda, usama bin laden, was killed in a u.s. raid on his compound in pakistan in may of last year. one of bin laden's top accomplices, khalid sheikh mohammed, who is believed to have masterminded the attacks, was captured in 2003 and awaits trial along with a handful of other terror suspects at the u.s. military detention center in cuba. jenna: exclusive details behind the fast and furious investigation, fox news securing portions of the report, and william la jeunesse has more from los angeles. >> reporter: well, jenna, this is our first glimpse into the finger pointing, the back stabbing, the blame game that you are about to see as this ig report becomes public and key players try to save th
FOX News
Sep 20, 2012 8:00am PDT
with israel are poise onous -- poisonous, iraq is falling in the wrong direction, on and on. jon: and yet this turn about from the administration doesn't seem to be getting much coverage. susan rice going on the sunday shows saying these were spontaneous demonstrations, then you have the head of the national counterterrorism center saying, oh, this was a planned attack on 9/11, and it doesn't seem to be getting much coverage. are the media in the tank for this president? >> yeah. it's astonishing. oh, of course they are. and look, jon, the very least you should have gone out and said is, you know what? we don't know. we just don't know, we're still investigating. but she was, obviously, desperate to push back on the idea that this might have been a deliberate terror attack in libya, that the u.s. government wasn't prepared for. so she threw out this ridiculous idea it was all just spontaneous protests where people just happened to have rocket-propelled grenades, and they happened to assassinate our ambassador. now you have reports there wasn't even a protest to begin with, that it was an
FOX News
Sep 3, 2012 8:00am PDT
seen combat. two tours, one in iraq and an even tougher one in afghanistan. she ranked fourth out of 52 candidates in officer candidate school. >> i read the article five years ago when i finished basic school and pinned on as an officer. i would have fully the supported integration of females into the infantry. after two combat deployments, my perspective has completely changed. >> reporter: women go through the combat endurance test which has elements similar to hand-to-hand can combat seen in the army training video. the captain worries as the department of defense looks for ways to level the playing field for women they may be harming female troops. two combat tours taught her she was not as physically capable as her counterparts. >> i broke down and had muscle atrophy and weight loss at a much faster rate and noticeable mate than my male marines. i found tripping constantly. my legs buckling. falling during firefights. having a hard time responding to enemy contact as far as my response time from when i initially got to country. >> reporter: captain petronio believes women should b
FOX News
Sep 14, 2012 8:00am PDT
die for this country abroad fighting in iraq and afghanistan, they prove by their daily law abiding existence here that there is no contradiction between a full muslim and a full american, and when they are brought forward to be, you know, civil society ambassadors essentially for the unite etd states. some of this is beginning to happen to be fair, i think you'll see more muslims in the middle east beginning to realize that the america that they think is reality is actually al-qaida's propaganda. jenna: much like you did. >> precisely, yes. jenna: thank you so much. we've covered a lot of ground there, certainly a lot of breaking news. and look forward to having you back on the program. >> thank you, jenna. jenna: we have to turn to more breaking news now. jon: that's right, jenna, this fox news alert dramatic pictures today out of tunisia among other arrob countries in tun tunis the american embassy coming under attack. smoke rising on the horizon from the direction of the embassy. this is new video just into the fox newsroom. you can see military vehicles there. we have reports o
FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
arabia and turkey, and more than one dozen other nations. and for the very first time, iraq will be joining that group. syrian activists have flown into the united states in order to attend that meeting. the group is going to focus on support for the opposition, humanitarian assistance and putting international pressure on the regime of bashar assad. russia's foreign minister says that russia will not offer exile for assad. russia, which has so far vetoed three u.n. resolutions, is expected to speak in the afternoon here at the united nations. russia says that if assad decides to step down, that is entirely going to be his decision. and lastly, spotted now in new york, syria's foreign minister. he is here to attend the general assembly meeting. he will speak to the ga on monday. many will be listening to see if syria at all modifies its position, it's going to take any steps to try and reduce the bloodshed. jenna in. jenna: we'll pay close attention to all of those remarks, david lee. thank you. gregg: another solar power company getting a big boost from taxpayers worth near
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)